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Organisation Chart

Considering the divisions of the state Uttar Pradesh, there are 75 districts, 18 divisions, 822 blocks, 52021 Panchayats and 107452 villages. Uttar Pradesh is the fifth largest state in India in terms of land area. The land area of Uttar Pradesh is 240,928 km. A district collector monitors a district. In Uttar Pradesh, he is also known as a District Magistrate or DM.

A District Magistrate is named by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. A District Superintendent of Police or DSP is otherwise called a Superintendent of Police. A DSP heads the District Police association of the state police according to the Police Act of 1861. A Sub division Police is under each sub division. The sub division Police is going by a Police official of the position of Assistant Superintendent of Police or DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police). Each service and the individual office are going by a pastor.

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