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Society in Hapur

Hapur city is an ideal combination of customary as well as present day India. The city has a multicultural society that has individuals from different social as well as monetary layers of life. The area of Hapur to Delhi has gotten huge change the city which is reflected in the advancement that is occurring at a fast speed. Notwithstanding, there is as yet a piece of Hapur that is ruined and there are numerous associations that are working to improve the general public and handling the different issues that individuals are looking every once in a while.

There are numerous altruistic associations that are given towards the improvement of Hapur and attempting to make it a safer and safe spot to live. Foundations as well as NGOs are a crucial area of the city. Following are a portion of these organizations that have given themselves to make Hapur town a protected and agreeable spot.

NGO in Hapur

NGO is a non-administrative association that ordinarily alludes to those associations that are participated in a wide scope of exercises that target helping individuals and getting a positive change the general public. These may get their assets from government, organizations and establishments or run by volunteers. There are numerous NGOs running in Hapur who are attempting to help individuals. A portion of these NGOs are:

NGO For Women in Hapur

There are sure NGOs that are turning out fundamentally for the ladies. They attempt to help ladies in every single imaginable manner and give them help.

Jyoti Punj Mahila Avam Gram Vikas Sansthan
Tiyala Post Assoda,
Telephone no.: +91 9837664159

Khadim Ul Awam Vocational Educational Society in Hapur
Nanpur Garhmukteshwar
Hapur Ghaziabad
Telephone no.: 91 9758712196

Lady Dowry Abolation Society
Kothi Gate, Opp School
Telephone no.: 91 8430911602

Muzaffariya Educational and Social Welfare
Asoura Hapur
Telephone no.: +91 8923556530

Akhil Bhartiya Samaj Uthan Sansthan
Vill+post-Sapnawat, Ghaziabad
Telephone no.: 91 122 2355294

Garima Samaj Seva Samiti
107/7, Indralok Colony
Telephone no.: 91 9235080130

Bhawani Siksha Prasar Parishad
3, Free Ganj Road
Telephone no.: 91 122 2317552

B R Memorial Shiksha Prasar Samiti
Bank Colony, Chamri Road,
Telephone no.: 91 122 2303733

Salib Chandianvi
178, Avas Vikas Colony, Bsr Road
Telephone no.: 91 8126585448

Akhil Bhartiya Brahmand Mahasang
Avodhapuri, Panscheel Nagar
Telephone no.: 91 9927793784

Akkhapur Gram Vikas Samiti
Close to Pertol Pump, New Arya Nagar
Telephone no.: 91 8410502751

Swargya Smt Manno Devi Smarak Gramin Vikas Sansthan
Town and Post Office-Shahmahiuddinpur
Telephone no.: +91 9358560005

NGOs For Children in Hapur

There are numerous NGOs in Hapur who are working to improve the kids. they give full help to individuals and deal with the poor kids.

Jyoti Punj Mahila Avam Gram Vikas Sansthan
Tiyala Post Assoda,
Telephone no.: +91 9837664159

Jamia Shokate Islam Lilbanat
Town and Post Office Wait,
Telephone no.: +91 9756245104

Old Age Homes in Hapur

Advanced age home is a spot that gives sanctuary to the senior residents and older individuals who have nobody to take care of or the people who are delivered destitute. It is otherwise called resign home for dejected elderly folks individuals. These spots are very much like home where the prisoners are furnished with every one of the offices that are fundamental for a standard residing for example food, apparel, sanctuary and medical care. Advanced age homes have unique clinical arrangements to handle health related crises. A portion of the advanced age homes in Hapur are:

Master Vishram Vridh Ashram
Lathira, Garhmukteshwar
Telephone no.: +91 99537500017
Site: www.oldagehomeindia.in

Alokik Gyan Yog Sansthan
Chopla, Near Gayatri Pragya Peeth
Kuchaser Road, Mubarikpur, Hapur

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