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The IGRS Gateway is an integrated grievance redressal mechanism in Uttar Pradesh to achieve the goal of good governance through new innovations involving all partners. A citizen can record a complaint without restriction and with assistance, follow up on a complaint held in the most important category and receive a consistent response both in terms of quality and timing. Next to the opposition houses, a resident can also join Government / Departments / Offices in a simple and direct way. Complaints from all sources will be addressed in one place at all stages that will further improve access, remediation and evaluation.

Visit: http://jansunwai.up.nic.in/

Hapur Judgeship was available on 07-02-2015. The Munsif Magistrate’s Court was originally established in Hapur on 19.07.1975. Next on the creation of the Ghaziabad region , Hapur’s administrative control has been transferred to Ghaziabad. The Garhmukteshwar  Court was created on 19.03.1989 under the jurisdiction of the Ghaziabad jurisdiction. The Hapur trial was split twice in the Ghaziabad trial on 07.02.2015. The Hapur Judgehsip was opened by the Honorable Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud, Chief Justice of the High Court  in Allahabad before the Hon. Justice Akhtar Husain Khan, Administrative Judge, Hapur. Shri Deepak Kumar Srivastava-II won the award for first District Judge.

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