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Education Department

Education Department’ Key Contacts of District Hapur

Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Hapur
DIOS, Hapur
DIET Principle, Hapur


In Hapur locale, the BSA or the Basic Shiksha Adhikari deals with the essential instruction in the public authority schools. She/he has a group of BEO(Block Education Officer) prior known as ABSA to disregard the essential instruction circle in the square. BEO office is typically arranged in an administration school compund and she/he assesses the schools routinely. The schools for the most part have a staff of the principal(Pradhan Adhyapak), instructors (adhyapaks), Shiksha Mitra, PTI educators to teach the youngsters. There is additionally a SMC or School Management board of trustees of which the town chose head – Pradhan is likewise a part.


The auxiliary training or the Madhyamik Shiksha is dealt with by the DIOS or the District Inspector of Schools. The purview of DIOS isn’t simply restricted to government schools yet in addition reaches out to government supported and government perceived establishments. Crafted by DIOS incorporates:-

Investigation of School/Colleges

Investigation of obligations of educators and different workers of Schools and Colleges.

Removal of Financial Matters.

Support and Distribution of the award got for the installment of the Salary for the Employees of Schools and Colleges.


There is likewise an administration DIET(District Institute of Education and Training) in Hapur which gives the BTC. Essential Teaching Certificate (BTC), a long term testament program is vital for turning into an administration educator in essential or grade schools.
Schooling Department related sites show up under this heading. They are –

Essential Education
Auxiliary Education
Specialized Education

S.No.DesignationTelephone/Mobile Number
1DIOS Hapur9454457549
2Basic Shiksha Adhikari9453004017
3Nagar Shiksha Adhikari, Hapur Dehat9458074999
4Nagar Shiksha Adhikari, Dhaulana9412391784
5Accountant Officer9410036928
6Block Education Officer, Pilkhuwa9410011136
7Block Education Officer, Garhmukteshwar9412489991
8Block Education Officer, Hapur9457202000
9Principal Diet Hapur9451845455
10Principal Govt. High School, Hasanpur9810620266
11Principal Govt. High School, Himmatpur9958938438
12Principal Govt. High School, Lalpur9871525982
13Principal Govt. High School, Bhagwanpur9899632017
14Principal Polytechnic,Hindalpur Hapur9899742629
15Principal Arya Kanya PG College, Hapur9897347348
16Principal R.S.S PG College, Pilkhuwa9837370278
17Principal Govt. ITI, Brauda Hindwan Hapur9675620777
18Principal Govt. ITI, Simbhawali9456956529
19Principal Govt. ITI, Garhmukteshwar9412611547
20Principal Govt. ITI, Dhaulana9897064369
21Principal S.S.V. College Hapur8439836410
22Principal Kisan P.G. College Simbhawli9412447585
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