District Magistrate

NameAnuj Singh
Contact No9454449848
QualificationB.Tech.(IIT Delhi)Chem. Engg
PositionDistrict Magistrate, Hapur (UP)
Resi. AddressChapra(Bihar)
Date of Birth11/05/1988

Born on 11/05/1988, IAS Anuj Singh has been offered the position of District Magistrate Hapur in the year 2021. He has completed his B.tech, He is from the 2014 IAS Batch. He is very active on social media and keeps updating about his activity with Their citizens. He is not one of those who fear that their social media would be filled with complaints if remained active instead he is open on Facebook and wants to be updated on the problems and issues being faced by its people. Currently his Office in DM & Collector Hapur.

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